I work with busy individuals and couples who’ve got what they always wanted but find that it no longer makes them happy

If you’re like many of my clients, in addition to that feeling of not enoughness, you might find some or many any of the following scenarios resonating:

You compare yourself to others; you swing between feeling better than or less than the people around you. You want more than what you have, but feel guilty about that and try and make do with things as they are. You don’t want to upset the people around you, so you put up with your discomfort and play small, thinking this will keep you safe, loved and accepted.

You’re feeling frustrated and hopeless; lacking motivation and maybe even feeling a little bit numb. There is very little that brings you pleasure, and despite how hard you have worked, your life is not turning out as you’d hoped. You are worried you are not going to reach your potential and feel ashamed that you haven’t achieved more.

You’re seeking perfection in all things, all the time; nothing is ever good enough and you are most harsh on yourself. You have a constant feeling of inadequacy and worry, regardless of what you accomplish and any mistake is evidence of a personal flaw. This creates enormous stress and leads to procrastination, defensiveness and self-loathing along with feelings of helplessness, sadness, and guilt. You often feel that you don’t have any time to take care of yourself and you know this is affecting your performance at work, your relationships and your health.

You’re feeling irritable for no good reason; you can also be rigid, domineering and fiercely competitive with other women which is leaving you feeling lonely and longing for connection with others, but you don’t trust the people around you and find it difficult to ask for help.

You’re experiencing depression and / or anxiety on a regular basis; you may have had panic attacks or nightmares recently. There may be an inexplicable anger or sadness bubbling up inside and you may have tried to block out these very uncomfortable feelings by eating or drinking too much, smoking, compulsively spending, over-exercising, overworking or taking drugs.

You’re struggling in relationship; your relationship feels like it’s losing its magic. It doesn’t enliven you as it once did and the connection between you and your partner feels strained. You keep arguing about the same things and you’re wondering, ‘Is this person really The One’?  But how do you move forward with this? It feels impossible to work through alone and too much to share with friends, who would side with you anyway. And you know that’s not going to shift the needle.

If you can relate to any of these scenarios, you are not alone. Read on for more about who I work with.

Clients are likely to be successful with me if they:

  • want to develop their self-awareness. They are prepared to turn towards themselves more often with curiosity and compassion.  This can be a revolutionary act for all, but especially for those who have a lifetime of experience in turning away from themselves and ignoring their feelings as so many of us are trained to do.
  • are ready to practice being courageous. They are ready to feel the discomfort inherent in any on-going change and development journey and to grow their resourcefulness and resilience in the process.
  • are willing to commit to regular sessions. They are committed to attending sessions regularly to build a healthy connection both with themselves and their therapist. This is the foundation of effective therapy; more important than anything else for successful therapeutic outcomes.
  • know that growth and change is a journey. They are willing to invest the time and energy required to get to know themselves, come to terms with their history, heal emotional wounds, and grow new capacities. Along the way, they learn to notice and acknowledge the small incremental changes that start to take place and own them.

If this resonates with you, I invite you to book in for a free 20-minute consultation below so you can check that I’m the right therapist for you .

What my clients can hope to achieve:

Over the course of our journey together, my ideal clients learn to value and come to terms with who they are, where they are from, and what their unique path in life is.

Along the way, they develop a strong sense of self and as a result are less prone to comparison and perfectionism.

They learn to build the boundaries that keep them safe from toxic relationships and workplaces, how to honor their limits and make space for their dreams. In the process feelings such as frustration, hopelessness and irritability fall away as they get caught up in the excitement of new endeavors.

My clients discover how to develop relationships with the many different aspects of themselves. As a result, they are more accepting and they develop greater tolerance, kindness and compassion.

Those clients that are in relationship develop a greater appreciation for their partner and their relationship. They develop their friendship and learn new skills for managing conflict while growing a culture of appreciation and respect within their partnership. All of this provides the foundation for increased capacity to build a meaningful future together.

Finally, the work I do with clients helps them to become more resilient and to develop an increased capacity to experience calm, ease, hope and contentment.

How I am different

I don’t diagnose and fix you, so you can return to some preconceived notion of normal. I work with your wholeness and support you to return to a sense of that.

I value your uniqueness and can assist you to connect with your own inner sense of rightness, so you can make better decisions about what’s your best next step.

I have dual citizenship: Australian by birth, French by marriage. I lived in Prague and Barcelona for 6 years as a younger person and also worked with international students for many years as an educator and counsellor. I understand both the call to adventure (and the longing for home), the special challenges inherent in building a new life in a new country and navigating cross-cultural relationships.

I do the work. I started therapy in my twenties when I was struggling with depression and anxiety. I’ve had two especially important and meaningful therapeutic relationships, that have changed my life. I’ve also consulted psychiatrists and psychologists. I’ve continued to do the work over the years, trying many different healing modalities, looking for the practices that could support my ongoing health and wellbeing. I’ve had countless sessions of reiki, kinesiology, acupuncture, massage, cranial sacral therapy, yoga, pilates, gym, meditation and Inner Relationship Focusing. These have all worked well for me at different imes, but what especially helps me to be present and at my best for my clients, is Inner Relationship Focusing.

Now you know more about the kinds of client I work with, the issues I help them with and what my clients need to do to support their success, have a look at my Services page to learn about what I specifically have to offer.

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