I work with busy people who’ve got what they always wanted but find that it doesn’t make them happy.

If you’re like many of my clients, you might find yourself:

Feeling like something from the past is holding you back

You’ve reached a plateau of some kind and can’t seem to move past it. You may have tried other therapies, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), but nothing has worked. You know you can’t stay here forever and that you were made for more than this. But you wonder what more you can possibly do; you’re all out of ideas.

Experiencing depression

You’re in that same old black hole again. You don’t want to do anything or see anyone, and nothing brings you any pleasure. It all feels quite hopeless and you don’t know what to do about it. You do know though, that this has to change.

Engaging in people pleasing

You might struggle to say what you really think or feel, or say yes when you mean no. As a result, you over deliver at work and do more than your fair share in any personal relationship, leaving you feeling exhausted and dried out. You are so done feeling this way and are ready for a new way of doing you.

You’re wondering who you are and what you’re here for

You’re in transition. The values and activities that have supported you and structured your life are no longer working or are no longer available to you. You feel lost and in an uncomfortable limbo. After a while, you decide that you’re tired of trying to navigate this on your own. You’re ready to get some support.  

Struggling in your relationship

Your relationship feels like it’s losing its magic. It doesn’t enliven you as it once did and the connection between you feels strained. You keep arguing about the same things and you’re worried you picked the wrong partner. But how do you move forward with this? It feels impossible to solve and too embarrassing to talk about.

If you can relate to any of those scenarios, you are in the right place. I help my clients to connect to themselves & others in new ways, so they can live a more authentic life they love.

The clients who are likely to be successful with me:

  • are ready to develop their self-awareness. They are prepared to turn towards themselves more often with curiosity and compassion.  This can be a revolutionary act for all, but especially for those who have a lifetime of experience in turning away from themselves and ignoring their feelings.
  • are willing to practice being courageous. They are ready to feel the discomfort inherent in any on-going change and development journey and are open to growing their resourcefulness and resilience in the process.
  • are prepared to show up. They are committed to attending sessions regularly to build a healthy connection with themselves and with their therapist. This is the foundation of effective therapy; more important than anything else for successful therapeutic outcomes.
  • are able to acknowledge there is no quick fix. They are willing to invest the time and energy required to get to know themselves, come to terms with their life story, heal emotional wounds, and grow new capacities. Along the way, they learn to notice and acknowledge the small incremental changes that take place and to own them.

So now that you know the kind of clients I work with, the issues I help them with and what my clients need to do to ensure their success, click on this link to learn more about How I Work.

Alternatively, if you already know you would like to meet me, book in for a free 20-minute Zoom consultation to see if we’re a good fit.