My services and courses are all designed to support you to feel more connected to your Self and with others so you can be more authentic, calm & joyful while you build a life that matters.

If you’re like many of my clients, you might notice that you can get:

  • caught up in comparing yourself with others
  • stuck in seeking safety through perfectionism and people-pleasing
  • that feeling of frustrated, hopeless, sad and/or irritable, and sometimes without any good reason
  • trapped in compulsive behaviours that feel good in the moment but don’t serve you in the long-run
  • lost and disheartened as you try to make an important life decision or transition
  • disconnected from the people you care most about.

Together, I can support you to:

  • discover your own values and preferences, so you know what you stand for and what you want in life.
  • find safety in managing your nervous system in new ways, so you can be more authentic.
  • find new ways to nourish yourself that really are good for you and those around you.
  • discover you own inner sense of rightness about what the best next steps for you in your life.
  • learn new skills and attitudes to support you to keep the love alive in your relationship with your partner and stay connected with friends and family.

My approach to the work:

I care about my clients and take the time to really understand them, their struggles and their difficulties

My sessions are guided by the unique needs of my clients and I work closely with them to achieve their therapeutic goals

I bring a holistic approach to sessions. This means that I’m not only interested in my clients, but also in the world they live in, everything in that world, and how it affects them

I believe my clients are whole, even when they might not because they’re feeling so scattered, or in pieces or like their life has fallen apart.

I use a variety of therapeutic modalities and my work is informed by a number of psychological theories that are demonstrated to be effective.

I care a great deal about privacy and will keep the information all clients share with me safe and treat it with the utmost respect.

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